Special Delivery: I Really Like My New Water Bottle

March 14, 2012 at 6:38 PMEnigmatiCat

It's always an exciting day when you get a package delivered, especially for the kids. The great mystery of what could be in the box, plus the fun of opening it.   So today, the four new glass water bottles have arrived.

Nothing in particular wrong with the bottle I had been using, just decided to make the move to glass vs plastic.  Took some time looking around on the internet trying to find a good design.  Since I have three kids, one of my main concerns with glass was durability.  I ended up choosing The Bamboo Bottle Company's 17-Ounce Bottle. 

It seems pretty nice.  I like the look of the bamboo.  It insulates the bottle and protects the glass, and the water definitely tastes better in the glass vs plastic(even BPA free).  The top can be a little snug for the kids to open so I'm glad I tried one with a flip-top spout for V.  The capacity is a little less than my old bottle and I have to drink a little more carefully without the sip straw, but the trade-off for better tasting water is worth it.


One month later and we all still like the new bottles.  They've all managed to remain intact. V carts hers all over the house and M brings his to school each day so durability seems pretty good.

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